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Hello my dear ones! ;) Me and awesome Julja aka capelle are a bit over our heads in real life.And since we had no real challenges/a lot of entries we decided it is time to close this community.

Unless smb wants it.Comment here or pm me or Julja if you are interested in reopening/having this comm.
It was nice getting to know you guys, i hope you all stay on the course of iconmaking and make lotsa inspiring new things!

(until further notice)
got/ danyxdrogo the stallion

reminder + extension 69 challenge

LJ's been inaccessible for the past few days, so i blame this for noooo entries. Please, spare this comm several minutes and make icons! ^__^ The theme is very easy, 'cause nearly every show is an adaption :D Legend of the Seeker, Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, True Blood... There are TONS which are veeery popular.
the current challenge - Shows based on books. You've got time till 3rd of August, 18:00 GMT